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Ways You Can Help Your Child Prepare for Open Distance Learning

The outbreak of the highly contagious coronavirus has disrupted the normal method of learning. Digital learning may not be the ideal instruction delivery mode of learning but it is necessary to reduce physical interactions that are needed to curb the spread of this virus. The challenge of adopting distance learning is that the transition was abrupt and parents, teachers, and even students were unprepared for this type of learning. Parents especially those with small kids are finding it challenging to play the role of an educator. Children are finding it difficult to accustom to a new learning environment and most parents are afraid their children will fall behind in digital learning. It is understandable for parents to display their concerns because it is impossible to become a teacher overnight. However, there are a few things you can do as a parent or a guardian to assist your child focus on virtual learning, and here are some of them.

Work with your child to identify a designated learning space in the house. It is always good to let the child choose the space and help by giving suggestions. This makes the child feel in control and autonomous something that makes him or her associate with the learning space. Suggest and assist in pinning artwork in the room that personalizes the space. All this is meant to make the child associate with the learning space an aspect that motivates the child to participate in the virtual classes at

You need to recognize that children have been using smartphones, tablets, or laptops to watch cartoons, play games, and engage in other fun activities, this time you need to make your child focus on something else, learning. You have to make your child rethink other uses of these devices. You can do this by minimizing distractions where you turn off device notifications that keep popping up when it is connected to the internet. Turn off email, video players, and online games alerts. Some devices give the user’s ability to put them on focus mode which turns off all alerts that can pop up during virtual learning class. This helps your child concentrate on the online session. Start now!

Since children's concentration levels are relatively low make sure there are intermittent breaks within the online program. The virtual learning program should mirror the normal school program. During the break, ensure the child engages in simple physical activities such as walks or other activities that take the child's mind off classwork. This increases a child’s concentration span and improves their learning capacity. For more facts about software, visit this website at

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